Friday, September 30, 2011

Boutari Kretikos Red Wine 2008

After a few near record high temperatures for late September, it has finally (again) cooled down a bit and I began to get a little anxious to open up some of my red wines. Shirley was not in the mood to slave over the stove, so she ran to our local Wegman's and picked up a store cooked roasted chicken which she served with some steamed veggies and a nice tomato and cucumber salad.  For the wine, I opened a Boutari Kretikos Red Wine 2008.
*A remarkably tasty red wine from the Greek Isle of Crete, this little gem is produced from the indigenous grapes Kotsifali(50%) and Mandilaria(50%). The 15 acre hillside vineyard with limestone and chalky soils is 500 to 700 feet above the Cretean Sea. The cooling breezes slow down the ripening process and let the grapes develop fully. Aged in stainless steel to bring out the natural fruity flavors, this value red shows ripe cherry, plum and hints of anise on a supple, dry framework with a lingering finish. Surprise your friends and yourself with this delightful Greek red. * 
The nose was filled with lots of ripe cherry and ripe red plum. Nicely balanced with soft tannins and acidity and flavors of cherry, plum, little currant and licorice and a touch of pepper.
The wine finished quite nicely.  Medium to long with nice fruit flavors and very smooth. Pairing with the roasted chicken was so-so, but this nice red table wine will do great with pizza, aged cheeses and even a nice dinner of chicken or veal Parmesan with a large side of pasta.
Found pricing as low as $7 at and up to $15 at many retail outlets.
I'm still trying to find my way with Greek wines and the Boutari Kretikos Red is certainly on the right path.

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