Monday, September 12, 2011

The Perfect "Tailgating" Wine.

I haven't been to a tailgate party in 30 years.  I remember tailgating on the hill before  Syracuse University football games back in the early 80's.  A bunch of friends grilling hot dogs and burgers and drinking Utica Club beer, the cheapest beer we could find at the time.  I also remember watching some of the "fat cats"  pulling into the parking lot with their huge RV's and gas grills and grilling up Delmonico steaks, shish-ka-bobs, chicken breast, salmon steaks, clams, corn, you name it, they had it. They also uncorked a lot of wine. Back then, I thought the wine was a bit over doing it.  Now, I believe it should be a tailgating staple.  My taste has changed, somewhat! 
Tonight I opened a perfect wine for that tailgate experience, or in other words, "very cheap" (but good); a Concha Y Toro Xplorador Cabernet Sauvignon 2009 ($8)
*Disclaimer: I received this wine as a sample from the PR folks at Banfi Vintners. 

The aromas are a bit suspect. Lots of lacquer and some leather.  Smelled like I was about to lacquer some new oak boards and instead lacquered my leather recliner. Kept trying to get a little fruit, so I just swirled and swirled to no avail. Did get some chocolate, I guess.  Not much, but a welcome aroma.
The wine was completely different in the mouth.  Lots of blackberry and lots of dark plum with a very light hint of spice and a little black currant. Some tannin and not as intense as what I usually like in a Cab/Sauv.  A short but tasty finish that went very well with a few bites of extra sharp cheddar.
A nice medium body wine that will go very well on Saturday afternoons, or Sunday for you Pro fans while grilling up the pre game meal.  Perfect for the plastic wine glass and the grilled beef or chicken served in your favorite parking lot.  Wonder if this is on hand before each "Futbol" game in Chile.  


Nancy said...

Thank you for that review. We had a nice wine (Senorio de los LLanos - Valdepenas) with steak tips while watching the Patriots win on Sunday against San Diego. My husband is a Penn stater so we watch them also. I enjoy your writing style - very unpretentious. My price range for wine is on the low side (under $15) but I always find something good. We have a blog about New England Vineyards. If you ever review their wines, we would love to link or reprint. We find quite a few that are excellent. Its thegrowingvine. Thank you, Nancy

joeshico said...

Thank you Nancy for the comment. Not a big Pats fan, but do like any team that consistently beats the Jets and the Dolphins.
Visited "The GrowingVine" Nice to have info on the New England area wineries. May get there in the next year. Do you have any favorite New England wine and winery?