Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Baus Family Vineyards Alexander Valley Zinfandel 2009

It's been a lazy Sunday afternoon, watching NFL games and Nascar while waiting for playoff game two between the St. Louis Cardinals and my Phillies.  It's also the coldest day since last spring and I'm in need of a little red wine to keep me going and I have a few I just recently picked up at a local shop. Today it will be a 2009 old vine Zinfandel from Baus Family Vineyards in Sonoma County California.  The Baus Vineyards produce two Zins. One from Sonoma Mountain and the one I just opened from Alexander Valley.
Lots of different aromas starting with black cherry and a little pepper.  Also some some spicy aromas with hints of chocolate.  Taste was more cherry and mocha and the finish was long and zesty with pepper and spice.
Not bad, but not a wine for sipping.  Decided to take a glass to the dinner table with pork chops and sauerkraut. Not a good move.  The wine really overpowered the meal. Next time I'll try with pizza or a grilled steak or burger.  I did try later with a few bits of aged Dubliner cheese which paired very nicely.  Nicely priced at $12.50 locally, but that was also a sale price, down from $16.
My guy did not win the race and the Phillies and Eagles both lost.  Not a winning day in the Sports world and not a winning wine at the table. 

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Jim Ferraro said...

Very good Zin for the price. Chocolate, spice and berries. Good with or without food. A glass held over fine to the next day. Unfamiliar with the winery, I purchased it based on Sonoma and 2009. Glad I did.