Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Damiani Wine Cellars semi-dry Riesling 2010

It's Halloween night and I just want to relax, sip a nice wine, eat a little cheese and sample some of the sweet goodies in the Trick or Treat bowl.  Forget the relaxing, but three out of four is not bad.  Had plenty of goodies, three nice cheeses and a bottle of Damiani Wine Cellars semi-dry Riesling 2010. ($16)
Lots of honeysuckle, pineapple and apple blossom aromas with a sprinkling of peach and some lime. Nice and soft mouthfeel  with some Finger Lakes mineral, lime and green apple.  The finish was dry, long and citrusy.
I was a good boy and did not touch the candy, but did over indulge with the cheese and the wine.  Really don't know which was better, the very light Farmers Cheese, the little more intense Danish Fontina or the XXXX Sharp Cheddar.  This Riesling went well with all of them.  Very surprised with the cheddar, but I did enjoy.  This is an enjoyable white wine that will pair well with just about any thing you wish. A ham and swiss sandwich, a cheese or sausage pizza, a garden salad and maybe even a burger and fries, if you love white wines with your meal, the Damiani 2009 semi-dry Riesling is a can't go wrong choice.

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Juliet Johnson said...

I didn't know it goes well with cheese. I'll try it though.