Thursday, November 17, 2011

Finca de Arantei Albariño 2007

Sometimes I believe Shirley just likes to purposely  prepare a dinner that will not pair with any of the wines in the rack on purpose.  But, I also believe she may just be testing me.  Tonight was one her signature dishes, Assyrian Chicken Stew.  This is a recipe she found many years ago and then tweaked somewhat by deleting some and adding other ingredients. Removing the garlic and red pepper and adding turnip and parsnip gives it a more earthy and less spicy flavor. Very much like a beef or hobo stew, filled with diced carrot, potato, yams and chicken thighs, I thought I'd bring out a nice light Albariño, one that I picked up locally a few weeks ago. A 2007 Finca de Arantei ($17), a single vinyard Estate bottled white wine from the Rias Baixas region in Northern Spain. Pairing was OK.  Could have been better, but the wine turned out to be very nice.
At first I thought the wine may be a bit passed it's prime. The color was a little darker golden yellow than what I have seen in other Albariño's I tasted and the aromas were heavy on mineral, but still had lots of honeysuckle and peach.  The wine was nice and smooth in the mouth with peach, floral and green apple.  The finish was long, dry, mineral laden with some citrus and peach and some almond.  More body than expected, but still nice.  If you are a white wine lover looking for something other than a light red Pinot Noir or Beaujolais to serve with your Thanksgiving turkey, this '07 Albariño may be your answer.

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