Thursday, January 26, 2012

NFL Championship Sunday Wines

I like football (i.e. American Football) almost as much as Major League Baseball and NCAA Basketball.  So this past Sunday was a big day where the NFL Conference Championships were decided.  My team (Philadelphia) was not part of this season's playoff's, but another favorite team (NY Giants) was playing in the NFC title game.
I started off the afternoon dicing up some veggies and cheese bites with a few dips and opening up a NEW YORK Finger Lakes 2010 dry Riesling from the Fox Run Vineyards.  Of course, any wine opened on this day will be from New York, after all they are playing against a team from California, which made the wine choice very easy.
A little iffy with the aromas.  There was some slate with hints on honeysuckle and lemon-lime. Not a whole lot on the nose, but wine excelled in the mouth with taste of tropical fruits, some citrus, orange peel and apricots. Short to medium finish which was dry and just a bit of slate or mineral.  Paired nicely with a mixed plate of cheeses, especially the Bier Meck Gouda from the Finger Lakes Farmstead Cheese Co.  Found the wine locally for $14.
Enjoyed the cheese and Riesling while watching the first game of the day and prepared for the big game between the New York Giants and San Francisco 49er's by opening my last bottle of Heron Hill Blaufrankisch Reserve 2007 ($35). no longer available 
I really enjoyed this wine when it was released in 2009. It was very oaky, spicey with hints of cherry and plums which I liked.  I put a few away, but never did believe I'd keep them as long as I did.  They all went fast except for this last bottle.  I uncorked this last one to serve with my daughter Pam's first stab at lamb stew.  I had to look up a wine to serve with lamb stew because all I thought would be nice is a tall glass of Ale, but several pairing sites suggested Blaufrankisch or as we know more formally as "Lemberger"
There actually was very little change.  The wine was a little less oaky and spicey, a little more earthier(is that a word),  but not much more fruit aromas or taste.  A little more smoother in the mouth with some black currant and plum.  There was some spice and vanilla with a very long finish.  What saved this wine was the lamb stew.  One of the better pairings I had with any wine.  The stew and the wine were like one.
Very nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon.  Great food, good wine, the wife left me alone and the NY Giants won, and are now going to the Super Bowl in two weeks. Now I must stock up on some more NEW YORK wine for the final game.  Go Giants!

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Unknown said...

I've had the Fox Run Reisling. It's AWESOME. In fact, this summer we held a BLIND Tasting Reisling party and presented 10 Reislings from all over the country. The Fox Run and another Finger Lakes Reisling were the top two favorites!
Excellent choice.