Monday, March 26, 2012

Paso A Paso Verdejo 2010

Over the past two years I became very fond of a white wine for the Rias Baixas region of Spain made from the Albarino grape. On one of my reviews a comment suggested that I also try another Spanish white wine, Verdejo.  So, happily to take any suggestions, I picked up a bottle of Paso A Paso Verdejo 2010 ($9) early last winter.   For some reason, it became hidden in the rear of my wine fridge, until one night this week when I went through all my white wines looking for one that I thought would pair well with BBQ chicken and baked yam.
One of Spain's higher quality white grape varieties which languished in obscurity for several hundred years before being rediscovered 15 years ago. It is a native grape of Rueda in North-west Spain and is now its principal white grape variety. It is most successfully cultivated in high altitude vineyards where the soils are calcareous and well drained.
Typically Verdejo dominated wines are crisp with soft, creamy, nutty overtones, and sometimes accompanied by notes of honey. Arguably Spain's finest white grape variety.
Although temperatures reached almost 80°F today, the grill was still put away for the winter and the chicken was done in the oven along with the baked yam.  While baking, I opened the Verdejo and sipped some before dinner.  Knew then the pairing would be, at least, OK.
Aromas were at first all apple.  Some green apple and apple blossom and then came some pear and melon.  This is one of those wines that just smells great so you just keep swirling and sniffing for a few minutes before tasting.  In the mouth the wine was nice and smooth with flavors of melon, peach, a little pair, some pineapple and lemon.  Very crisp and dry finish with  some melon and citrus.  A perfect wine for chicken BBQ.
Looks like this will be a long spring and summer here in Central New York and I'll be pouring lots of my summer favorite white wines on the patio.  Verdejo will definitely be one of them.

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