Sunday, April 29, 2012

WILLM Riesling 2010 Reserve

I feel a little guilty here by tasting a Riesling outside the New York Finger Lakes, but I thought it may be time to see what the rest of the world has to offer with what has become my favorite white wine.  What I did find, is the Vin D'alsace region of France can produce a very nice Riesling. The wine, Willm Riesling Reserve 2010($12)
I opened this wine with a dinner of broiled white fish, rice and asparagus. This is a regular fare in our house and one that I would usually open one of my favorite Finger Lakes white wines, but this night it would be a French Riesling.
Aromas were very much what I expected with lot's of honeysuckle, some peach and green apple and just a bit of citrus.  Very smooth mouth feel and a zesty finish with some apple.
Nothing really here that would change my opinion of Finger Lakes Rieslings, but now know that I will be comfortable ordering European Reislings when traveling to areas where I cannot find my favorite Finger Lakes wines.  Now onto what is supposedly the best, or at least I've be told, Rieslings, Germany.   For now, I am still a Finger Lakes fan, but still may sneak in an Alsace.  Recommended

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