Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What to do? What to do??

Sorry that is has been almost a month since my last post.  Things have be happening pretty fast around here since mid May.  I haven't really stopped drinking wine, but I have be putting more time into getting ready for my upcoming retirement.   Yes, I decided to retire from my day job and start enjoying life. 
One big question that has be hashed over and over, is what do I do with Why Wine Blog.  I do have several options.
The first option that came to mind was retiring the blog.   I don't know if I want to spend the time needed to do justice to the blog or to spend that time pursuing other interest.  This would be the easiest option.
Second would be to let the blog alone for a few months and feel out what I want to do once I am retired and maybe having too much time on my hands.  I am sure Shirley would see that any free time could be put to better use around the house, but I am master of the house (sometimes. Well I like to think so).   That may work, but I am afraid that if I let the blog rest for a few months (last day of work is August 31), I may not want to even take a chance at reviving it,  and I don't want my blog to sit for years without any updates.  I could never understand why this happens so often.  Just delete the blog if one is not going to post new articles.
The last option is to put the blog on my priority list of things to do in retirement and that means possibly going 'pro.'  I thought about this a few years ago, but then I was getting away from the reasons I blog.  I would love to remain a wine novice with no writing skills and keep doing the blog that way, but I have to admit, over the last four years, I have learned an awful lot about all things wine, thanks mostly to the many fine bloggers I follow.
With all this going through the head, I have found it very difficult to sit down and do anything with the blog.  So, tonight I made a decision (stop the presses).  I hope this works out for me.
That may sound a little arrogant, but I do not want this blog to run my life, I want to see what I can do with the blog.
For the next four months I will post my wine reviews on a regular basis.  The reviews will be short with out any of the fluff I usually added in the past and may just also be copy and paste winemaker notes. Some will be from notes taken over the past weeks. This is being done for the sole purpose of keeping the blog active.  I have a very busy October, so sometime around November, I will decide on which direction I will take Why Wine Blog.  If this means hiring a Marketing and/or SEO pro, then so be it.
I am very excited about retirement and getting back to many of the fun things I was able to do in my youth and with my kids when they were growing up.  I am also getting excited about what can be done with my blog.  Let's Go!


Nick Webb said...


Congrats on the retirement! Hopefully a few months of downtime will help provide some clarity for your decision in November.


joeshico said...

Thanks Nick. I really would like to continue with the blog, but Priorities may not include the blog. Only time will tell.

wine sales said...

That is so good to know that you have developed your knowledge on wines by keeping up or following some wine bloggers. Goodluck and congratulations to your success.

Morten Pedersen said...

Good luck in the future.

joeshico said...

Thank you wine sales and Morten. Blog will be a little slow for awhile, but hoping all works out, or at least a definite decision is made by the end of this year

Discount wine said...

Hope you have made the right decision to retire from your job. I wanna read more posts from you.