Monday, July 16, 2012

Jelu Estate Syrah Reserve 2008

photo by Shirley
This past week I started to empty out my wine fridge of wines that have been sitting there for a few months or more and make room for many of the new 2011 white wine releases.  Sorta sounds like a car dealership this time of year.  One wine that I have held onto for a few months is a Syrah from the San Juan region of Argentina.  Syrah is one of the nice red wines I discovered because of this blog.  It is also a wine that is becoming one of my favorites, but of those I enjoyed the most were from Califorinia and a few from the New York Finger Lakes.  This was my first from South America and will not be my last.
The wine:  Jelu Estate Syrah Reserve 2008 ($14)
I think I should note first that at a $14 price this wine will rival many of the more expensive Syrah on today's market.
Aromas were filled with lots of blackberry, some blueberry and anise.  In the mouth I tasted lots of the blackberry, some licorice with a hint of chocolate and spice.  The finish was fruit filled and very long and smooth.  This wine lacked the peppery and spicy finish that I found in many of the Syrah I've have tasted, especially those (Shiraz) from Australia, but was more to what I like in a red wine.  After one glass, I diced up a few bits of sharp cheddar cheese  and enjoyed!  I would enjoy this with turkey or even a beef roast or some hard, smokey or sharp cheese.   I have to highly recommend this one.  Nice wine, nice value.

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