Sunday, August 26, 2012

Bogle Essential Red 2009

I knew when I started this blog in 2008, or was at least hoping, that my very narrow wine palate was going to expand immensely and that I would or should begin to appreciate many of the wines produced in today's world.  I am happy to say that is exactly what has occurred.  The biggest surprise to me is with white wines, but I also realize that I found a new appreciation for many of the fantastic red wines and blends I would have never tried if not for this blog, especially those from California. One of my favorite wineries from California is Bogle Vineyards in Clarksburg.
Clarksburg is located in the Sacramento river delta region, east of San Francisco, and south of Napa.  In general, the Sacramento River Delta region is best known for it’s zinfandels, and a number of Italian varietals.
I have reviewed the Bogle Peite Sirah and the Bogle Old Vine Zinfandel and recently found a Bogle wine I have not seen on local shelves before. The Bogle Vineyards Essential Red 2009($10) is a blend of Old Vines Zinfandel, Petite Sirah, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon.  Sounds like a very complex blend and the aromas and taste are just that.
When I think of what a red wine should look like (generically) this is it, a nice bright deep garnet red.  Aromas were at first more vanilla, tobacco, cigar box like, but after a short time I started getting lots of fruit, like plum, currant and black cherry.  This is one of those wines that just explodes in the mouth with lots of dark fruit, licorice, some boysenberry and vanilla and finished very long.
I served this wine with chicken quesadillas and later with some sharp cheddar which paired very nicely with both.  A steal at $10, this wine is very Highly Recommended.


Jeanette Bogle said...

where can I get some Bogle Essential red 2009 from

joeshico said...

Easily found at many wine shops. If you are having a problem where you live then try