Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thousand Islands Winery semi-dry Riesling 2011

If you read this blog enough, you get to understand my infatuation with Riesling and also how much I love a dinner of Salmon, whether baked, grilled or broiled.  Tonight on my way home of finalizing all of my Retirement paperwork with the Social Security Administration, we stopped at our favorite fish market and picked out a nice filet of Salmon for dinner. Pairing salmon with wine maybe the simplest choice I ever have to make.  It will always be an off dry Riesling and tonight I chose a wine I picked up last weekend at the CNY Regional Market in Syracuse, a Thousand Islands Winery semi-dry Riesling 2011($15).  Definitely not my favorite Finger Lakes Riesling and somewhat doubtful that a wine from our New York northern border can match up.  But, was I in for a bit of a surprise.
Lovely aromas of lime, peach and some honeysuckle started this wine off on a very positive note.   Nice acidity and very silky smooth in the mouth with citrus, some tropical and a bit of Mandarin orange.  I found no mineral like aromas or taste which I was expecting from a New York wine.   The aromas and flavors were more Alsatian like than what I find in our Finger Lakes Rieslings.  A medium finish was again very smooth and lemony with a hint of sweetness.  A very warm evening, a very nicely baked salmon and a very nice Riesling ended what was a very rewarding day. All the paperwork is done and now I just wait for September 1, 2012, my first day of retirement.  Oh yeah, can't forget the wine, Highly Recommended.

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