Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Matua Valley Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2011

This past weekend Shirley cooked up some of her BBQ pork ribs for a quick dinner.   Normally I would like a nice Pinot Noir or Cab Franc with her ribs, but it was a very warm day and I just returned from a local wine shop with a Sauvignon Blanc I was anxious to try, A Matua Valley Marlborough 2011 ($11)
Founded in 1974, Matua Valley was the first New Zealand winery to produce Sauvignon Blanc, establishing them as innovators and pioneers of New Zealand viticulture.  That is why I chose this wine over several others on the shelf.
The wine showed a very clear, bright with a greenish hue color that you would expect in a Sauvignon Blanc.  There was a little bit of mineral aroma at first, but after one swirl aromas were full of lemon/lime and tropical fruits with a hint of melon and green apples. Nice acidity with a medium length tropical fruit finish made for a very refreshing wine.
A very nice everyday wine at a very reasonable price.Try this wine with any white fish or light summer salads or just sipping with a light cheese.  Recommended

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The Spectator said...

Good recommendation, although I think I'd open a Malbec with ribs. But you're right about SB from New Zealand. As I once told a waitress in Australia, when in New Zealand, drink SV and when in Oz drink Shiraz.

When in Tamaqua, drink shots and beers. ;-)