Thursday, November 22, 2012

Cockburn's Special Reserve Porto

This is another Port wine I received as a sample for review.  I also purchased a few bottles of Port from different producers, to review later, since opening the Graham's Six Grapes on election night.  I still don't know why I suddenly developed a craving for a wine that I would never have given a second look at as late as the last three years.  I also found, at least so far, that all the Reserve Ruby Ports are very similar in color, aromas and taste and would really take a more refined palate than mine to detect any vast differences.
Aromas on the Cockburns had a little more red fruit than the Graham's with some plum and raisin. In the mouth the wine was smoother, but also a little lighter in taste with flavors of plum, cherry, chocolate and hints of raisins. The Cockburn's Special Reserve Porto ($14) finish was a bit short with taste of sweet red berries and a little spice.  I had this wine with some Gargonzola cheese and later with some cranberry Stilton cheese. The following night I found the wine to be very nice just sipping on it's own. This is a very nice introduction to Port wines at a very affordable price.  Highly Recommended!

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