Friday, December 28, 2012

Treleaven Semi-Dry Riesling 2011

I think that this was the first Christmas that I did not open more red wines than white.  In fact, this year I did not open any red wines.  Maybe I was just hesitant because of a recurring ulcer that doesn't tolerate the reds as well as the whites or maybe I am loosing my taste for red wine or maybe I'm just getting paranoid here.  The most obvious reason is that with a dwindling family size, Christmas dinner is no longer the big extravaganza that it was in the past.  Turkey, ham, lasagna and a tenderloin with all the trimmings imaginable with a choice of four or five desserts all served after a ton of hors d'oeuvres was once the norm.  Now we make it more simple, but still a little special.  This year, for a change, we served Cornish hens, with potatoes, carrots, brussels sprouts, cranberries and corn.  Not a real challenge for a wine pairing, especially since I was leaving out some of my favorite red wines.  An early afternoon Sauvignon Blanc was opened with appetizers of cheese bits, pepperoni slices and a veggie tray and assorted dips and for dinner I opened a white wine that I picked up on our recent Holiday Shopping Spree on Cayuga Lake; a King Ferry Winery Treleaven semi-dry Riesling 2011 ($14).

King Ferry Winery, maker of Treleaven Wines, is superbly located on the east side of Cayuga Lake. The winery produces multiple award winning Treleaven Wines, including Chardonnays that are crafted in the centuries-old Burgundian tradition.
Although I have never before visited the wineries on the East side of Cayuga Lake, I have tasted a few wines from the King Ferry Winery.  Every Saturday morning you can find Treleaven wines at the Central New York Regional Market.  Shirley is usually good enough to make me tag along at least once a month and it was there I bought my first few bottles of Treleaven. Nice to have a place to buy a nice wine for the week end in the early morning hours on Saturday in CNY.
This 2011 Riesling is full of floral, peach, honeydew melon and pear aromas.  In the mouth there was loads of fruit with some light grapefruit citrus. Excellent match with the Cornish hens and I was able to save a glass for later that evening.  This is another fine example of Finger Lakes quality when it comes to Riesling.  Very Highly Recommended.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for writing about our wine and the Regional Market it is a great asset for our regional producers, in fact we also have agreat local cheese maker here in King Ferry called Keeley's Cheese company thats a mile away from us that also sets up in building C at the market right across the aisle from us. I bring this up since your a food fan it's one of my simple yet favorite pairings with our Dry or Semi-Dry Riesling.
Thank you for sharing us at your holiday table and your enjoyment with your followers.
King Ferry Winery