Saturday, January 5, 2013

Year In Review

I've been doing these Years in Reviews for a few years now and came close to just forgetting or not really wanting to this year.  When I first sat down to start the article, I said to myself, " ya know, there really isn't that much to review for 2012."   Seemed logical that I not write a review of the year.   Then, I did make some mental notes and put together a short  list to help change my mind and record what was a 'life changing' 2012.  Not in what I discovered in the world of wine, but more importantly, in my personal life.  
Starting on September 1st I began my new life 'unemployed.'  Not exactly, that was my first day of retirement.  With retirement came lots of plans to lose weight, exercise, catch up on neglected house chores and start a new hobby or two.  Hopefully, I'll activate these plans in 2013, but so far, it's been a very lazy four months.  It is nice that I can wake up each day and not worry about getting anything accomplished and not having to be anyplace at any certain time, but that quickly became very boring.  This week I am going have to somehow explain to my cardiologist that I thought he said "gain 15 lbs" not lose 15 lbs.

When I retired, I also put together a few ideas about changing the blog.  Making it more professional looking, changing platform and/or even taking some classes to learn more about blogging and maybe even taking classes to learn more about wine was a 2012 goal.  I did decide to not change a thing other than the blog's appearance.   Keeping the blog strictly as a personal blog and not getting caught up in the world of the wine journalist, wine writers and wine critics has always been the aim of Why Wine Blog and it will stay that way.

In the world of great wines, 2012 was again another year of discovery.  Three new favorites added to my white wine list were, Grüner Veltliner from Austria, Verdejo, the native grape of Rueda in North-west Spain and Virginia's Viognier. I also sampled Rieslings from Alsace, Austria and Germany, but found that, although tasty, I will stay with Rieslings from the Finger Lakes region of New York. 
New red wines fared just as well with plenty of Zinfandel, Syrah, Gigondas, and an absolute new go to wine from Portugal, Ruby Red Porto

Now I should be making some New Year Resolutions and setting some goals for 2013.  I thought a few months ago that setting goals for the upcoming year would be easier, but now believe it may actually be more difficult since I am not really into a retirement routine.  I will be traveling more and visiting family and my hometown of Tamaqua, PA more often and have already been looking at what fishing gear I am going to need in the Spring.  Diet and excercise????  I'll wait and see.
Why Wine Blog will remain as is, 
"wine reviews from an amateur wine lover for the amateur wine lovers"
What I am most excited about will be the opportunity to discover more wines.  Already in my fridge are wines from the Republic of Georgia and a red wine from Switzerland which were purchased, along with some interesting Italian wines, at the PA Wine & Spirits Shoppe at the Berkshire Mall in Wyomissing, PA, a State Store with a fantastic wine selection.  Lot's to look forward to, so I guess I better get started.  Happy New Year!

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