Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Long Point Winery Vidal Blanc 2011

I am starting to discover a fact that when one is away from a favorite wine, for whatever reason, cravings start to set in that need to be dealt with.  The only way I know of dealing with these cravings is to grab one of those favorites and enjoy.  That is what happened this week after month of denying myself a Finger Lakes white wine.  So without even asking, "what's for dinner, Shirl?," I opened a Long Point Winery Vidal Blanc 2011($11) that I picked up at the winery in December.

Long Point Winery is located on the east side of Cayuga Lake on scenic Route 90 in Aurora, New York. The winery sits on 72 acres of land overlooking beautiful Cayuga Lake. Known for producing the finest dry red and white wines, Long Point Winery has collected numerous awards for wines such as, red Zinfandel, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Dry Riesling.
This Vidal Blanc was the gold medal winner at the 2010 New York State Fair and won gold(90 points) in the New York Wine & Food Classic.

Later I was informed by the boss that dinner would be turkey kielbasa with french fries, beans and sauerkraut.  That use to be a beer night until last year when I found it went well with Gewurztraminer.  This night I found that it was excellent with Vidal Blanc. 

Aromas were loaded with honeysuckle, white peach with a little honeydew melon and tropical fruits.  In the mouth there was tropical fruit, some lemon and a little honey like sweetness.  Long lemony finish was perfect with the kielbasa and kraut.  Finished this wine later in the evening and thoroughly enjoyed each sip.  Excellent wine, nice price. Very Highly recommended.


Oliver said...

Oh, but don't say good bye to Riesling, please! There is always room for more. :) Sounds like a steal that Vidal.

joeshico said...

The Vidal was Outstanding, Oliver, but Finger Lakes Rieslings will remain my favorite summer wine. Thank you for your comment.

Oliver said...

Good. :) I've only had that grape in an ice wine from the Traverse City area and thought it was ok. It lacked the acidity that makes Riesling ice wine so interesting.