Sunday, February 3, 2013

My Super Bowl Sunday

I am doing something a little different with this post.  Something I have never tried before.  I am composing the article on Super Bowl Sunday in parts or how the day progresses.  I am spending this day like I have for the past 25 years, TV screen is cleaned, recliner in position, party food is being prepared and the wine is sitting out and ready to uncork.  Today, Shirley and Pam are preparing a Taco salad dip with a tray of hors d'oeuvres.  In the past there was always a large rye boat, pizza, wings and much more, all of which my cardiologist now frowns upon.  So, I am trying to make it a little more health wise.  Around game time the girls will leave the area and allow me to enjoy one of my favorite pro sporting events with my food and my wine. 

My pre-game starts approximately 3 to 4 minutes after I wake up.  Everything is put in place for game time and I accommodate the girls by staying out of the kitchen and turn on the TV to ESPN or the NFL Network.  By kick off, I have heard every story that has to be told about all those involved in today's game. I also line up the wines, which is not always a good idea.  It becomes one of those "should I open now, or should I wait" things.  Little buzz early in game is OK, but an overdid it type buzz kinda ruins it.  You would think that my team is playing, but their not.  I just love this game no matter who is playing.  I may take a short walk in the afternoon or just pick up the dumbbells and work out a little to keep myself occupied. 
So, here it is, "My Super Bowl Sunday:

Everything going as usual.  Late breakfast and no lunch.  I will make up for the lunch with overdoing the taco dip and the hors d'oeuvres.  Had to turn off some of the pre-game hype to watch a NCAA basketball game and did a little house cleaning.   I did remove my wine of choice from the wine fridge and will open that wine at game time.
ALERT:  Could not wait for the wine.  It's now 5 pm and 90 minutes till kick off and I opened my 2010 Sonoma Zinfandel from Seghesio Family Vineyards.  I will sit back with a small glass and now wait.   OMG it's 90 minutes of wait.  Better take out another bottle......
Move over Whitney Houston. Your performance before Super Bowl XXV has just been topped.  First with Jennifer Hudson and the Choir from Sandy Hook Elementary School with "America the Beautiful" followed by our "National Anthem" performed by Alicia Keys.  Alicia rocks!  Now let's play some football... Think I'll have another glass of wine. 

Doing really well with the wine.  Finished only 1/2 glass til now, but starting to dig into the appetizers.  Ravens are first to score, think I'll have another glass of wine.
7 - 0 Ravens.  Maybe I'll switch to chocolate wafers or something.  First and goal and you don't score a TD.  OK, field goal will do.  7 - 3 Ravens.   Starting to aggressively attack the cheese bites. The wine is holding up and pairing very nicely with the cheese and the taco dip.  Wow! Actually doing very well!

Are you kidding.  Baltimore scores again.  OK, that's the game plan.  The Niners have come back from early game deficits in both playoff games.  Think I'll have another glass of wine!  Glad I bought two. Now 21 - 3 Ravens.  Shirley brought out the pot-stickers.  I'm drinking one of the best CA Zins I ever had and the 49ers pass defense stayed in SF.  Touchdowns, not field goals, guys.  21 - 6 Ravens at the half.  Think I'll have another glass of wine. 

Beyonce without Destiny's Child is rocking.  Hey, hey Destiny's Child has arrived.  Great half time show.  Beyonce rocks.  Think I'll have another glass of wine.
Does anyone really believe that the commentators know why the 49ers are losing.  Gimmie more Beyonce. Pot-stickers and Zin are adding to a great half time.

Are you kidding me.  109 yard kick-off return.  Maybe I should have spent the last two weeks eating crab cakes. The longest kick off return in NFL history.  I really need another glass of wine. 28 - 6 Ravens.  Now, a power failure.  No lights.  Guess I'll have to wait a little longer for another Ravens score. Niners are starting to look an awful like my Eagles. The black out delay is going too long.  I need another glass of wine. May have to open another wine before the end of the quarter.  Finally, the Niners find the end zone.  28 - 13 Ravens.
Coaches should have worn the same color shirts and no hat.  That would have confused the commentators.  Let's celebrate the touchdown with another glass of wine.  Out of Zin.  Opened my favorite California Cab Sauv from Folie à Deux and an immediate touchdown.  The Niners are coming back.  28 - 20 Ravens.  Let's have another glass of wine.

Best commercial tonight.  Paul Harvey's, "And God made the farmer."  One field goal by the Ravens and the Niners score again.  31- 29 Ravens.  This is now a game and I need another glass of wine.  Bad play calls end this game for the Niners.  Kaepernick could have run for the TD.  Ravens win 34 - 31 after a safety. I need another bottle of wine.

Well, that was my Super Bowl Sunday.  My team did not win, but my wine did. A Seghesio Family Vineyards Sonoma Zinfandel 2010. Like most California Zins this is a versatile red wine that is perfect for the game day parties.
Aromas started with light black licorice over some cherry and plum and a little blueberry.  In the mouth the wine was very dry with lot's of blackberry, licorice and some spice leading to a remarkably long finish.  One of the best California Zinfandels I have tasted.  Suggested retail price on this wine is $25, but can be found for a little less at select shops.  This is a fantastic Zin and well worth the suggested price.  Very Highly Recommended   


Anonymous said...

That was an awesome, well described Super Bowl Sunday you had, clap, clap....It was a very close game with some bad calls, Ravens get away with murder in the game, and 49'ers should have won the game...sad.
Thanks again, I enjoyed reading it.

joeshico said...

Thank you, Beverly....

Nick Webb said...


Totally agree with you on the Seghesio Sonoma County '10. Versatile, bargain priced-just a really nice wine. Great Super Bowl wine pick!