Thursday, April 18, 2013

Ben Marco Mendoza Malbec 2011

World Malbec Day has come and gone for another year, but that does not mean I will quit enjoying this varietal until 2014.  During the week, I tasted four Argentine and one Chile Malbec.   Two of the wines tasted were very simple Malbecs.  Nothing to fall in love over, but they were quite good and as most South American Malbecs they were very inexpensive.  Three of the wines were simply outstanding.  The first two were already reviewed; Trivento Malbec Reserve 2011 and a Trivento Amado Sur 2011.  On the 17th of April (World Malbec Day) I opened a Malbec I purchased last week, a Ben Marco Malbec 2011 ($15)

After an afternoon trout fishing with Shirley, she cooked up a fast dinner of fried chicken with roasted potato and steamed spinach.  Yes, it was supposed to be trout, but we left them in the lake for another day.  This wasn't the best pairing for what was a very full bodied Malbec, but it did get a passing grade with dinner.  Later that evening, the wine went very nicely with some chocolate wafers and especially with an Old Quebec Vintage Cheddar Cheese from a local cheese maker, Buttercup Cheese.

Aromas were like "in your face" tantalizing.  Heavy blackberry and raspberry, currant and plum with some spice, anise and a little bit of menthol.  I also got a hint of black olive with the first glass, but that aroma and the menthol disappeared after that. There was a lot of spice in the mouth, with black fruit and some leather and licorice.  Very dry and very long finish with more black fruit.  A very nice wine and a very nice way to end my toasting of World Malbec Day.  Very Highly Recommended

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