Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Don Olegario Albariño 2011

Can't believe it's already May and another International wine day is coming up soon.  On May 9th we will be celebrating Albariño Day.  It does pose a question as to "do we have too many wine days?"  So far this year, we had a Cab Franc day and a few weeks ago we celebrated Malbec Day.  Also coming up on May 23rd is National Chardonnay day.  My own opinion is that we do not have enough of these type of events.  For a blogger who likes to participate in these events, it gives me a chance to explore different wines for a few days leading up to the event.  I would suggest that we should celebrate the different wine regions around the world with a day or a week to explore their wines, but for now let's just open up a few of Rias Baixas finest and most noted grape, the Albariño.
Tonight it was a Don Olegario Albariño 2011 (SRP $18)

Disclaimer:  This wine was submitted for review

The fruit for Don Olegario Albariño comes from a single 12.4-acre vineyard in the Rías Baixas subzone of Val do Salnés. The valley’s proximity to the ocean and bordering mountain ranges, and the vineyards’ exposure and elevation, have built its reputation as the region’s finest winegrowing area. Of the five subzones in Rías Baixas, Val do Salnés was the first to focus on pure varietal Albariño wines produced in a fresh, modern style.

Color was a very bright and very light yellow with a little greenish hue.  At first sniff the aromas were all bartlett pear with some green apple and orange blossom.  As the wine opened up there was some added citrus notes and a little bit of anise like herb. Taste was more apple and grapefruit with some lemon which led to a nice refreshing citrusy finish.

A food-friendly wine that pairs well with all sorts of foods, Albariño will stand up to spicy Thai or Indian dishes, grilled fish, Mexican and even Chinese take-out.  For those that like a white wine with their cheese pizza, the Albariño is an excellent match.
Don Olegario Albariño 2011 - Very Highly Recommended

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