Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Ferrari Sparkling Rosé Wine NV

This past Easter Sunday did not go as planned.  Because of a persistent head cold, we stayed home, but did enjoy our traditional dinner of baked ham, baked yam and veggies.  What we did differently, though, was open a Sparkling Rosé wine with the meal.  I do bubblies on New Year's Eve, occasionally, and sometimes at wedding receptions.  I do have a few in my wine fridge and they have been in that fridge longer than any other wine has ever lasted in there. But, I received some samples for review earlier in the week and both Shirley and I agreed to give them a try.
I received three samples of Ferrari Metodo Classico wines.  The Ferrari Brut NV is 100% Chardonnay, (SRP $25), Ferrari Rosé NV is 60% Pinot Nero and 40% Chardonnay (SRP $37) and the Ferrari Perlé 2004 also 100% Chardonnay with SRP of $35.
Ferrari Metodo Classico wines are produced at the foothills of the Alps in Trento D.O.C., not far from Lago di Garda in the Trentino region.  Trento D.O.C is an official D.O.C appellation in the Trentino-Alto Adige region of northern Italy.The region is very mountainous, and Ferrari wines benefit from higher elevation to produce crisp, sparkling wines that are also attractively priced.
Metodo Classico, indicates they have been made using the classic technique of Champagne, which involves a second fermentation in the bottle and extended aging on the so-called "lees," or dead yeast cells.
The top Metodo Classico bubblies of Italy are produced in the north, in Franciacorta and Trento. These wines, along with a handful of California bubblies, are the only sparkling wines in the world that come close to Champagne in terms of quality and prestige.
Founder Guilio Ferrari introduced the Champagne technique to Italy around 1900, after studying the process in Epernay, France.
For dinner, we both chose the Rosé Brut and promptly cleaned our seldom used Champagne flutes.  It was easy to see that we don't do the sparkling wines that often, after over pouring the first glass.  A little too fast on the pour gave us a little chuckle and a little bit of bubbly on the the table cloth.
Color was a very nice light coral or cherry blossom pink. Lots of strawberry and floral aromas with a very little hint of bread on the nose.  The bubbles give it a little tingle in the mouth with red berry flavors and some citrus with a very long, dry and tasty finish.
It becomes difficult to compare when one does not frequently taste comparable wines, but I have tasted a few Champagnes and Sparkling Wines over the years and cannot think of one that was more delightful than the Ferrari Sparkling Rosé, including the Champagne that we have toasted the New Year with for the past 12 years at more than twice the price. Looks like that tradition will change.  The Ferrari Sparkling Rosé NV, Very Highly Recommended

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Mike Carlson said...

My partner and I both love to have sparkling wines at times. And champagne as well.