Thursday, May 9, 2013

Albariño Day Selections

Today is #AlbariñoDay throughout the world and I am having my own little world sipping on this delightful white Spanish wine.  I have already reviewed Albariño wines from Don Olegario and Condes De Albarei leading up to today.  I took today off from doing yard work and a few other "honey dew" chores to sit back, relax, listen to good music and taste a few glasses of Albariño.  The sun is shining, Ella is singing and the wine is now completing the day.
Today, I am opening a Martin Codax 2011($13) for my afternoon lazy time and tonight, with a dinner of Cioppino (shrimp, scallops, clams and mussels simmered in marinara sauce and served over angel hair pasta) I will open a La Cana 2011($14).
Martin Codax Albarino takes its name from a 13th century Galician minstrel whose poems evoke the gallant love and passion for the sea. The canticles by "Martin Codax" are the oldest of all the Galician-Portuguese poems to preserve their original music. The manuscript where they are recorded, known as the "Vindel Parchment", is preserved in the Morgan Library in New York.
The Martin Codax has a very light yellow color with aromas of green apple, floral notes, some peach and lemon.  Nice acidity and minerality with taste of green apple and lemon zest leading to a very crisp, dry refreshing finish. I wish every afternoon can be this enjoyable, but chores must be done sometime.
With dinner just a few hours away, I opened my bottle of La Cana Albariño for a little taste in order to allow me to finish this post.
This wine is part of the Jorge Ordoñez  Selection. Ordoñez is one of the best ambassadors of Spanish wines in the world. He has developed his project of producing his own wines from different Spanish denominations of origin. They are wines of extraordinary quality and personality, particularly, Albariños from La Cana.
Again the color was light straw like and had aromas very reminiscent of some of my favorite Rieslings.  Aromas were full of peach, melon and lemon with floral hints of honeysuckle and sweet alyssum and even a little pineapple. Lots of melon and lemon in the the mouth with a very nice crisp and cinnamon apple like finish.
This is going to be so good with dinner tonight.
Both wines are excellent examples of this delicious and food friendly wine from the Rias Baixas region of Spain.  Fantastic summer wine that will pair very nicely with all types of seafood, light cheeses, summer salads and herb crusted or BBQ chicken.  Both are Very Highly Recommended.
Now back to the patio

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