Sunday, July 21, 2013

Anna de Codorniu Brut Rosé NV

This heat has got to go.  It's been a few days now that I just don't have any desire to drink any type of alcohol, even a nicely chilled Riesling.  Today has been one of the warmest, I mean hottest, days in a few years.  No outside work, so I mopped about indoors doing absolutely nothing.  One of the benefits of retirement (doing absolutely nothing).  Late afternoon, I finally had the thirst for a sip of something off the vine.  Deciding what, took a little time, but by process of elimination, I decided on something a bit dry, some nice red fruit and maybe just a smidgeon of bubbles.  Nah, how about lot's of bubbles and I just received the cure.  A sparkling dry Rosé Cava just may do the job of quenching this hot summertime thirst, so I popped the cork on a Anna de Codorniu Brut Rosé that I received earlier in the week.

Disclaimer:  Sample submitted for review 

Photo by Shirley
If you been following this blog, you know I do not do sparkling wines that often.  New Year's Eve, Weddings and an occasional celebration of some kind.  Lately though, I found that there is a place for us still wine drinkers to enjoy a bit of bubbly.  Today was one of those times.  This wine was uncorked for sipping only.  No food, no cheeses or chocolates, no Hors d'oeuvres, just a thirst quenching glass of Anna de Codorniu Brut Rosé ($15 SRP).
Anna de Codorníu Rosé is the 'blushing sister' of Codorníu’s most iconic sparkling wine and is a classic blend of Pinot Noir & Chardonnay. Elegance and subtlety are its main characteristics, largely due to being composed of around 70% Pinot Noir.
Color was a lot like watermelon candies. I was a bit surprised at first with aromas of green apple.  I was expecting more red fruits, but soon found lots of strawberry with some red cherry.  On the palate, there was a hint of sweetness with some red berry, but also a little acidity that balanced out the wine very nicely and the finish was so refreshing.  Very inexpensive at $15 and for all you readers who love Sparking Wines, Highly Recommended!

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