Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Atwater Estate Vineyards Riesling Bubble NV

I just returned home from a AAA minor league baseball game between our local Washington Nationals affiliate, the Syracuse Chiefs and the Louisville Bats.  I ate dinner at the game.(burp!). Some pizza, a hot dog and a few beers.(double burp!).  When I returned home, I desperately needed a refreshing wine. I decided to open a bubbly that I just picked up at the Finger Lakes Wine Festival, an Atwater Riesling Bubble($16).  I chose this because I knew I would probably not have to take any notes and that I would not have to take any time to post a review on this blog.  Three hours later, the wine is all gone.  Not the best Sparkling Wine I ever had,  but another inexpensive bubbly that is just right for a very warm, humid evening.
First of all, the wine had a crown cap like you find on soda and beer bottles.  Not a twist off, so I had to use my old fashioned church key bottle opener.  Pssssss, yep I just opened a Riesling soda pop.  This was not looking very good.  But, looks can sometimes be deceiving.
No yeast like Champagne aroma.  That was cool.  Aromas were very light and like any other Riesling, a little peach, some floral, hints of citrus and pineapple.  On the palate, I found pineapple and some lemon.  The finish was longer than expected with some mineral and much drier than what I expected.  The bottle label suggested a medium or semi-sweet wine.
For a CO2 carbonated wine, the Atwater Riesling Bubble turned out to be quite nice.  Repeating my last line of my last post, If you enjoy Sparkling wines, especially on the warm nights, the Atwater Estate Vineyards Riesling Bubble is Highly Recommended.

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