Friday, July 5, 2013

Galen Glen Stone Cellar Riesling 2012

A little background.  I was born and raised in the coal regions of Pennsylvania.  More specific I am a Skook (from Schuylkill County) raised in a town called Tamaqua. In 1970, at 22 yrs of age, I moved to the Washington DC area, where I met my wife. After three years of government service we moved to Central New York on the fringe of the Finger Lakes.  Wine, at that time, was just a beverage we both enjoyed with dinner, nothing more-nothing less. We were the average wine consumer.  Finger Lakes wines did not appeal to me and I really was unsure if any wines were being produced in Pennsylvania. It has been only in the past five years that I began a renaissance.  Even from that beginning, I wanted to find some wines from Pennsylvania that I could enjoy as much as I do my Italian wines and now my Finger Lakes wines and many others from all over the world.  To be truthful, the search for even a drinkable PA wine was exhausting.  A few years before the search began, we did find a few nice wines when we visited the Chaddsford Winery, near Philadelphia, but even they could not compete with what I was accustomed to drinking.  I guess we should visit them again in the near future. Taste does change.

In late 2009, my daughter, brought me home a white blend from Adams County (Gettysburg) PA that was enjoyable enough to post a review. You can read that review here.., but the search continued without success.  Until Now!!!
On a recent visit to my hometown to spend time with family, I visited a winery only 25 minutes from Tamaqua.  It didn't just show up, the winery has been here since 1993 and finding an article that said, this PA Riesling was a double gold medal winner in California, drew my attention.  After all, I love a good Riesling. The winery: Galen Glen Winery, Andreas Pa.
The drive to the winery was fantastic.  Although, pretty far off the main route, the drive was through some of the most scenic farm land in this region.   The building at Galen Glen was small, but the grape vines surrounding the area were quite picturesque.  The tasting room was nicely laid out with a relatively small tasting bar.  OK, this winery is in the middle of nowhere and the overall size is adequate.
Highlight of the visit:  Harry.  

There were only a few at that tasting bar, although I did see a group of about 15 taking a tour of the vineyards and Harry was the only server pouring wine at the time and when you get Harry talking wine, please, shut up and listen.  Want to talk about PA wines, talk to Harry.  Want to talk about wines outside PA and how they compare, talk to Harry.  Thank you Harry, you made the trip to Galen Glen enjoyable and informative. 
Second Highlight:  The White Wines (and a pretty nice Rosé)
For July 4th, I uncorked the Double Gold Medal winning Galen Glen Riesling 2012 ($14). 
The Double Gold was not won at the local Lehighton block party, but at the Riverside CA International Wine Competition and Silver Medal at the Finger Lakes International Wine Competition.  I am more impressed with the Silver Medal. Duh!  
Aromas of honeysuckle, orange and wet stone and a bit of grapefruit were tantalizing.  In the mouth a little added peach and citrus.  Finish was long, dry and lemony refreshing.   Move over Finger Lakes, this dry Riesling is fantastic, delightful and the best Pennsylvania wine I have tasted.  
A return trip to Galen Glen will be made in later this month. Maybe, looking to taste some more Pennsylvania white wines, but as of now,  the Galen Glen Stone Cellar Riesling is Very Highly Recommended. 


frank said...

Very informative. Will have to visit when back that way again.

- DN - said...

I have tasted and enjoyed the Galen Glen Riesling. A surprisingly good wine. However, I am a lover of Finger Lakes wines as well.

Nice article.

joeshico said...

Frank, I am going back to Galen Glen in a month. Will try their red wines and the rest of their whites.
-DN- I too love my Finger Lakes Riesling, but have no problem stocking more of the Galen Glen for the summer.