Thursday, July 25, 2013

Save Me, San Francisco Soul Sister Pinot Noir 2011

Hot weather finally went back to hell where it belongs, but I wasn't counting on temperatures this low.   Still nice, to get back to the grill for some chicken sandwiches and a nice glass or red wine.  Tonight, I opened another wine that is connected to another fabulous Rock group, "Train."

"Wine and music tell stories and connect those who share it.  Just as a song's message strikes a chord with so many people, our wines will transport you back to that moment."
*Jimmy Stafford, Train Guitarist and lead Wine Explorer

Save Me, San Francisco Wine Company is a collaboraion between esteem winemaker James Foster and the San Fran based, Grammy Award-winning rock band Train.  Train guitarist Jimmy Stafford has been a wine aficionado for many years and would often receive wine from fans as he performed across the world. He found wine to be a great way to connect with these fans and this led to the formation of the Save Me, San Francisco Wine Company which currently offers five California wines.  Oh yeah, Jimmy does sip on a few glasses of red wine before every performance.

 Disclaimer:  Sample submitted for review

Tonight, along with some Train music was a Soul Sister Pinot Noir 2011 ($10).
At first, I picked up some mineral or earth type aromas with some olive.  A little time in the glass and some red fruit started to appear.  Strawberry, red plums and some cherry with just a hint of chocolate and spice.  For you spice loving Pinot lovers, this may not be for you, but for me, it was fantastic. Smooth on the palate, not too much tannins with a medium to long dry, earthy finish.  If you're serving a dinner of chicken, salmon or even a light Italian sauce, the Soul Sister Pinot Noir is very inexpensive and Highly Recommended.


Anonymous said...

James Foster is a wine maker?

joeshico said...

Yes, James Foster is a winemaker with The Wine Group at the Concannon Estate in Livermore, CA.

Hector Garcia said...

Smell is great like preserve, and when i taste it definitely get an understated strawberry sweetness. As a fan of pinot nor I always expect some peppery flavor, this is nice but not to my preference. While writing this review, the taste just matured to an soft oak, dry just like I like it.