Friday, August 9, 2013

Castell De Raimat Albariño 2012

Serving up a little white fish this week.  Fresh ocean perch from the frying pan, covered with a little onion, parsley and loads of baby Bok-Choy.
My job, as always, is the wine and with this light white fish I opened a Castell De Raimat Albariño 2012 (SRP $15).

Recognized as Spain’s preeminent wine estate, Raimat champions innovation, sustainability and precision agriculture in its wines from the new and exciting Costers del Segre region.
Raimat is 100% Albariño produced in Costers del Segre, just south of the Pyrenees in north east Spain. The variety is becoming popular due to its balance between fresh, crunchy Riesling-like acid and mouth-filling texture akin to Viognier. As well as those characters this example has fresh and fruity, citrus aromas.

Disclaimer:  Sample submitted for review 

Color is a very pale yellow with very light green hues.  In the glass the wine has powerful aromas of peach or nectarine, floral and lemon.  Very crisp and dry with lemon,  peach, a trace of apricot and honeysuckle in the mouth.  Also some mineral with nice acidity.  The finish was very zesty, long and refreshing.  I've mentioned in past reviews how Albariño is so similar to Riesling. This also showed a little like Sauvignon Blanc.   Paired very nicely with the fish.  Would also pair well with white meats, oriental and rice dishes.
Raimat Albariño SRP is $15, but can easily be found well under that cost at most wine outlets and under $10 at many on-line merchants.  Nice wine, nice price and Very Highly Recommended.

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