Friday, August 23, 2013

Donna Laura Ali Sangiovese Di Toscana 2012

Whenever I travel into the city of Syracuse, NY,  I make a point to stop by one of my favorite small wine shops. Vinomania is a small shop with what I consider having the best selection of wines in the county.  75% of all wines cannot be found too easily at other area shops, if found at all.
This past weekend, Shirley and I paid a visit with intentions of only stopping in, find a bottle or two and say Hi to shop owner Gary Decker.  Unfortunately, Gary was out of town, but that did not stop us from a little shopping.  I choose a few and Shirley picked a few wines she thought looked interesting.  One of her picks was a Tuscan Sangiovese produced in Siena by Donna Laura srl. 

Shirley is not a big wine drinker, so I have no idea how she can walk into a wine shop and choose inexpensive wines that never let you down.  Always red and usually always Italian. I refuse to believe that it is her Italian heritage that has bestowed that gift on her, but she does this all the time. On this night I was stuck with leftover pasta and Shirley's Italian meatless red tomato sauce,  so I opened up her cheap Italian wine. A Donna Laura Ali Sangiovese Di Toscana 2012 ($11)  Did I say Cheap?  I can find this wine on-line as low as $8.  I'll have to talk to Gary about that. Low in price, but oh so high on quality.

Color is ruby red, clear and bright.  Aromas were full of raspberry, strawberry and red cherries with red plums and a touch of smoke. Very smooth mouthfeel with some tannin and some acidity.  Very nice balance. Finish was medium length with nice fruit and very smooth.  Excellent pairing with the pasta.  Should also do well with veal, cheese pizza and veggie lasagna and my favorite, Chicken Parmesan.  Also, very nice on it's own and with small bites of sharp cheddar cheese.  I do love my Tuscan wines and this 100% Sangiovese wine is why.  Donna Laura Ali Sangiovese Di Toscana 2012 is widely available and Very Highly Recommended.

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