Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Keuka Spring Vineyards Vignoles 2012

Before I begin this post, I would like to congratulate Keuka Spring Vinyards and their 2012 Riesling on their recent Governors Cup trophy.  The Governor's Cup, recognizes the "Best of Show" or top prize of all 875 entries in the wine classic, known as "The Oscars" of New York wine.  Alas, I have two of these wines in my wine fridge, but both belong to my daughter Pam and under penalty of great bodily harm, I can not open without her permission. So, I did the next best thing by opening another of the fantastic white wines produced by Keuka Spring.

My introduction to Keuka Spring Vineyards was during the Keuka in Bloom tour in May.  As I mentioned in that post, Keuka Spring was the highlight of the day.  I brought home quite a few of their white wines and two of their Ros├ę's. The wines did not last long during the June heat wave, so I had to re-stock at the annual Finger Lakes Wine Festival in Watkins Glen.  One of the wines purchased was the Keuka Spring Vineyards Vignoles 2012. ($13)

This wine was opened on what may have been the most gorgeous evening of the summer.  On the grill (perfectly done, I must say) were chicken ka-bobs, grilled chicken breast and corn on the cob.  I was very much in the mood for something a little sweet and the Keuka Spring Vignoles did the job.
Color was a very bright light straw that shined in the evening sun. Aromas were loaded with tropical fruits, light floral with sugar plums and hints of tangerine.  Just the right amount of sweetness, with hints of melon and citrus on a long semi-dry finish.  

I can't answer for Keuka Spring red wines, as I am too much into all of the white wines I have tasted so far.  The Gew├╝rztraminer, Seyval Chardonnay, two Rieslings and their Riesling-Vidal Blanc blend Celebrate along with the 2012 Vignoles are all world class and Very Highly Recommended.

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