Monday, September 30, 2013

A September Lull

I felt I should post again in September, if just to explain why only one post this month.  Without going into any detail, I have been trying to avoid any alcohol while on certain medications.  Unfortunately, these anti-biotics along with my other meds have been causing me to be very lethargic. This may continue for a few more weeks.  I also must confess that I have not been that good of a patient and did get to open a few wines and maybe overdid it on a few occasions.  A few of these wine notes are in draft and will be posted in the next few weeks.  Some of these wines were what I call "my go to wines," i.e. inexpensive, versatile with nice aromas and taste.  A wine that will pair with many different foods and is just as enjoyable on it's own.

I also took part in two virtual tastings.  One was a new grape, or a least one that I cannot remember if I tasted before.  The grape was Sagrantino from Umbria, Italy.  I was fortunate to receive five samples of this dark, full bodied wine.  I will post my thoughts on that tasting in the next couple of weeks. The second was the Finger Lakes 2012 Riesling launch. Of course, as many of my readers already know, Finger Lakes Riesling is my favorite white wine and that post will be completed shortly.

Until then, I will try very hard to listen to my Doctor, and stay on the meds and hopefully, I will be back to full strength and the blog by mid-October. For now, I will still steal a few sips!!!

2 comments: said...

Hope you feel better soon! Cheers!

joeshico said...

Thank you, Elizabeth. Have to. I can here too many wine bottles on my rack crying out to be tasted.