Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Keuka Spring Vineyards Riesling 2012

Finally talked my daughter into opening one of her Keuka Spring Rieslings, but had to order another half case, from the winery, to allow me to open her last bottle later that evening. It was one of those warm and very humid Saturday's and the girls decided not to slave over a hot stove preparing dinner.  Instead, they were willing to allow Dad to slave over the grill.  In the morning, they spent some time looking up new recipes that would satisfy all our taste and came up with what may be the biggest hit of the season, a grilled shrimp salad.  Skewers of shrimp grilled along side a veggie selection of onion, green pepper and okra and then mixed with red and yellow grape tomatoes with balsamic vinaigrette would be the main course. On the side, I served some clams and toasted Italian bread.  Of course, the wine was the 2013 winner of the New York Wine & Food Classic Governor's Cup.  Or to simplify, The Best In New York.
For over 25 years Keuka Spring has been consistently recognized for excellence. Their friendly and knowledgeable staff looks forward to guiding you through a tasting of their award winning wines. Their wine list include wines for every taste, handcrafted from vineyard to bottle.  They have one of the best selections of red and white wines in the Finger Lakes.
Keuka Spring Vineyards is located at 243 State Route 54, East Lake Road, just outside of Penn Yan, on the east side of Keuka Lake.  Owners Len and Judy Wiltberger have been committed to producing premium wines since they founded the winery in 1985.  In 2013 Keuka Spring won their second Governor's Cup.  The first was awarded in 1998.

The 2012 Riesling is a perfect example of not only the white wines of Keuka Sping Vineyards, but also of Finger Lakes Riesling.   Aromas were, as my daughter says, very peachy with white flower and honeysuckle and a nice hint of pineapple and lemon.  Very smooth and delicate mouthfeel with excellent acidity and flavors of peach and citrus.  The finish was medium to long, some citrus and a bit of sweetness.   The pairing was out of this world with the shrimp salad and clams.  You can also enjoy with grilled chicken, salmon or trout, crab and even cheeses like cheddar and gouda.  On it's own, the wine stands out.  Better have an extra bottle if planning on an evening on the deck just sipping away.  
Keuka Spring Riesling 2012 can be purchased at the winery for $17 or on-line shops as well as many local outlets for $14.  Very Highly Recommended

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