Courier services are known to have strict rules, regulations and specific terms. It might be difficult to understand them at first especially if you are, new to shipping. It doesn’t have to be; here are four things that you should know before you choose a delivery service.


1. Type of delivery 

The shipping company that you go for should offer you a delivery service that best meets your delivery needs. This, however, depends on what you are shipping, size, and the distance you are shipping. If say you are shipping bulk goods over long distances then, a regional or international freight carrier will suit your needs. Short distances and light goods would require a local and fast courier service. Learn more on package sizes here.


2. Cost of shipping 

You need to know that in most cases the advertised price is not always the final price. You need to know the shipping rates and if there are any hidden charges. There have been numerous cases where after a client has paid for the shipping service, the shipping company says several costs have not been incorporated in the paid amount, and hence the goods cannot be shipped. Always ask for the final cost before you pay for the shipping service.


3. Security 

Before you settle on a courier company, you ought to ask about their security policy. What happens if your goods are damaged or lost? Do they have a compensation policy or an insurance cover for your transits goods? The security of your goods should be your concern, if you feel a courier service is not providing conclusive and satisfactory answers regarding the security of your goods, then you need to look for an alternative. You would rather pay a premium for a service that security is guaranteed.


Transport speed
4. Speed of delivery 

If you are shipping goods for your business, you would need to have them arrive soonest possible. Most courier services often give you timelines but not specific dates. For instance, they might tell you the goods will arrive after a month but fail to specify the exact date. For your business reputation, you would need to be more certain to facilitate planning. Find out if it offers rush delivery services and if so what are they? Same day or Overnight? You might need to make an emergency order, and you need to know if you can rely on them to facilitate it.


Shipping can be a headache especially if you are new to it. You can get confused and or frustrated; however, these few things should offer some consolation that all is not lost. You can still have a smooth sailing if you purpose when using FlagShip.