7 best wooden watches to complement your style

Watches, not only are a good friendly reminder but they also bring out a sense of class and a style of sophistication. Wooden watches on the other hand not only bring out classy zing but also fantastic to nature lovers and those who wish to be different and ring their own style of fashion than the ordinary watches. Some wooden watches may be of low quality, chunky and unsophisticated, below are some of the seven best wooden watches that have very good reviews.

1. Bewell Men’s Wooden Watch

This is one of the trending and popular wooden watches that are on the top list of most wood watch enthusiasts. And there is a good reason as to it. Every Bewell wooden watch is handcrafted very well from natural wood material. Not only is it relatively affordable, it is of high quality and has a lightweight, comfortable and has an elegant look however ingenious it looks. The size of the band is easy to adjust and each watch comes with its adjustment tool. However, with every good things comes with a bad. This watch is quite sensitive as the straps are prone to snapping and breakage and do not do well to long exposures to the sun and like many watches the glass face is prone to breakage when dropped.

2. Tree Hut walnut & Ebony Wood Watch

One of the thumbs up of this kind of wooden watch is that the makers of the watches can customize them to your need. The term customize here refers to the watch being engraved with details that one desires making this watch the perfect gift that offers that sentimental feeling that go along with the gift. This watch has a wooden face and straps and the quartz display lies on a dark brown backdrop. They are a costly compared to other watches and they do not relate well to being exposed to water. The glass face is not that much tempered and also prone to breakage once dropped.

3. Tree hut Bamboo Watch

This wooden watch comes with a leather strap and it portrays the awareness of Eco-friendly environment awareness. The face of the watch has an analog design with a minimalist approach. The quality of the watch is quite good and has a three ATM water resistance and the bamboo straps add a layer of heat endurance

4. Jord wooden wrist watch

This is one of the best wooden watches out in the market. There are both men and women Jord watches that are of high quality and design. The price tag of these watches are higher but that surely does go with its quality made. This watch is out of sandalwood which means that there are no added chemicals and toxic paints added on them. Each watch comes out with a watch box, cleaning cloth oil and a humidity pack to ensure that it is in good condition over the years.

5. LeeEv Men’s Natural Black & Zebra Wood watch

This wood watch comes in a vintage kind of look, moderately priced and Eco-friendly. It is a stylish hand-crafted zebra sandal wooden watch. The face of the watch is white which makes it visible to all lighting. Unlike the other wooden watches, the glass of the watch is tempered and scratch proof and the straps are adjustable.

6. Boston wood Fashion

With watch combines both wooden trend and the classical watch that is well known. It is a handmade wooden watch that uses materials that are specifically designed for people who have allergies to leather and have sensitive skin. This watch is Eco-friendly and made off natural zebra wood.

7. Viable harvest Sandalwood Watch

This watch is specifically designed for those of you who are into wooden watch yet at the same time want a classy looking watch and feel. This watch has a face casing made of wood and the face is white and has the old fashioned leather straps. From the reviews this watch is loved by many.