First let me get this out of the way. I am not a wine expert, sommelier, wine connoisseur, WSET certified, wine know-it-all and/or wine snob.  I have though, been a wine drinker since 1970.   I did dabble in some awful sweet pink crap, while in the service, in the mid 60's.  After that I stayed away from wine until I met my Italian born wife, who introduced me to Italian red wines.  For the next 30 years, I drank only reds with occasional side trips with Chardonnay.  It wasn't until 10 years ago I began to drink some white wines on a more regular basis.
That usually always meant Pinot Grigio, until 3 years ago when I discovered Finger Lakes wines.  Now it seems I am drinking more whites than reds. Go Figure!
I am married for 42 years, two adult kids, no grand-kids, two rescued dogs, retired Postal worker and still learning about wine and blogging.

In 2008 my wife, Shirley, got conned into one of those work at home, all you need is a computer and you can quit your day job and make tons of money working only one hour a day, sales gimmicks.  I believe the only thing we learned from that experience was if you own a web site, you should also have a blog that will link to the site.
With that little bit of knowledge, I started Why Wing Blog as nothing more than a way to get traffic to the web site.  Well the web-site did not last and I found something other that playing solitaire on the PC to pass the time.  About a year after starting I decided to review wine (My Way) and by "Breaking all the rules."  I also tried to rate the wines I tasted, but realized quickly that I'm not qualified for that.  I leave that to the experts.  If I want that type of info, then I read the real wine bloggers.  You can check out who they are on my LINKS page.  Most of them forgot more about wine then I will ever know.
Each week I open a few bottles of wine and will usually choose one I like to review.  I'll post what meal I had with that wine or if it was just opened to sip and enjoy on its own. 
Most reviews are on wines I purchased, but some have been shipped to me for tasting and reviewing.  From those I receive from wineries, importers and distributors and those I purchase only those I like will be posted.

Drink red wine with red meat and white wine with white meat and fish.  HORSECRAP!!!
If you like a certain type or varietal of wine, don't be afraid to open with any dish.  Don't get me totally wrong here.  There have been times a red wine just did not pair well with a certain seafood or spicy entre' or a nice crisp white was a bad choice for a well made steak, but not that often.  Now of course you may be one of those small percentage of wine lovers whose taste buds are that refined that a bad pairing will make you vomit, but 90% of all wine buyers are like me and just don't give a damn.  The food was good and the wine was good. What more do you want.
You won't see too much about tannins, acidity, type of oak barrels or aging.  What I post will be about aromas, taste and finish, because that's all I think the average wine drinker wants to know.
I also won't be posting about current events in the wine industry.  I leave that to the those with more knowledge than me and more accomplished writers,  Again for that list see my LINKS page.

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If your comment or question doesn't piss me off, I will reply.