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 1Wine Dude-   Get to know wine better - how it's made, how the industry works, and most importantly how to get the most enjoyment out of wine that you can.
50 States Of Wine - A man with a plan, to drink wine from each State in the USA! (...and write about everything wine-related along the way.) - /wine news and views / wine picks and reviews.
American Winery GuideThe Internet's most comprehensive and up-to-date free source of information about American wineries.
Another Wine Blog - This site is dedicated to the most educated among us, the person about to take that first sip and everyone in between.
Bacchus and Beery Wine Blog - A wine blog dedicated to tasting, enjoying, discovering and just drinking wine.
Benito's Wine Reviews - Memphis based blogger, Ben Carter, is one of the most democratic and down-to-earth wine bloggers out there.  Never any snobbery here, just solid reviews of wines and spirits in the reach of everyman.
Booze Monkey - The Social Network for lovers of Australian & New Zealand wine.
Building Wine Cellars with Joseph and Curtis - Explore the possibilities of improving your wine display while maximizing your wine storage needs.
Cheap Wine Ratings - All about finding good wine at affordable prices.
Corked Wine Blog - This wine blog contains amateur reviews of wines that have been tried from around the world.
Drink Local Wine - Wine country is everywhere.
Drink What You Like -  Blog's primary goal is to bring order to the wine experiences of Frank Morgan and to chronicle these experiences in an organized manner.
Heron Hill Winery Blog - follow the many staff members blogging about the vineyards, cellar, events, wine pairing, Seneca Lake and Bristol tasting rooms, featured wines and more.
Joe's Wine - Everyday wines to the worlds greatest, from grapes and regions around the world. Here are notes from Joe's structured and everyday tastings.
Living The Gourmet - Traditional and exotic cuisines made simple with Catherine and the crew. 
Luscious Lushes - A blog started by Thea Dwelle out of her love of all things wine and her desire to share information with other people. 
MoIappi Blog - An Englishman now living in Japan shares information on wine, beer, sake and other drinks we all enjoy.
Mome Needs Wine -  Raising two amazing kids, one glass at a time.
New York Cork Report - One of the very few places where the world can get an independent news and perspective on the wines of New York State every day.
The Academic Wino - Dissecting current research related to wine.
The Good Wine Guru - Offering wine reviews, tips and advice for every wine lover.
The Frugal Wine Snob - The blog about wines that tastes like a million bucks, but cost less than $20.
The Reverse Wine Snob - Follow as Jon thumbs his nose at bottles over $20.
The Wine Cellar Insider - If you're a seasoned wine enthusiast, rabid 
collector or just starting your win appreciation journey, this site was created for you.
Through The Walla Walla Grape Vine -  What you will read on this wine blog are descriptions of wines and sometimes suggested food pairings, but most of all you will read about the experiences: the wineries, the wines and the winemakers.
Wannabe Wino Wine Blog - Chronicles Sonadora and husband Matt's wine tasting adventures as they drink their way through their ever growing collection of wine.
Wine-Blog - Juicy tales by Jo Diaz, sometimes serious often hilarious and always informative.
Wine Peeps - Your link to great QPR wines from Washington State and beyond.
Wine Post: Wine And Spirits Blog- Rob Bralow's personal exploration into the world of wine.
WineSpeak USA Unpretentious 30 something Nick Webb, tasting his way through American wines and meeting some unforgettable people along the way.
Winesworld's Blog - A friendly wine guide for amateurs by amateurs about wine, food, travel and Scandinavian ways of doing things.
Write For Wine - A blog that focuses on the fine wines of Washington State, with occasional post about other Northwest wine regions (Oregon and B.C.), California and France.