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 1Wine Dude-   Get to know wine better - how it's made, how the industry works, and most importantly how to get the most enjoyment out of wine that you can.
50 States Of Wine - A man with a plan, to drink wine from each State in the USA! (...and write about everything wine-related along the way.) - /wine news and views / wine picks and reviews.
American Winery GuideThe Internet's most comprehensive and up-to-date free source of information about American wineries.
Another Wine Blog - This site is dedicated to the most educated among us, the person about to take that first sip and everyone in between.
Bacchus and Beery Wine Blog - A wine blog dedicated to tasting, enjoying, discovering and just drinking wine.
Benito's Wine Reviews - Memphis based blogger, Ben Carter, is one of the most democratic and down-to-earth wine bloggers out there.  Never any snobbery here, just solid reviews of wines and spirits in the reach of everyman.
Booze Monkey - The Social Network for lovers of Australian & New Zealand wine.
Building Wine Cellars with Joseph and Curtis - Explore the possibilities of improving your wine display while maximizing your wine storage needs.
Cellarmistress' Cellar Talk - An Italian born, American bred walking encyclopedia of wine.
Cheap Wine Ratings - All about finding good wine at affordable prices.
Cork and Foil Wine Blog - From reviews of wine books to post about historical issues in the wine world, this blog will give your an insight into the wine industry and its spin-offs.
Corked Wine Blog - This wine blog contains amateur reviews of wines that have been tried from around the world.
Dirty South Wine - Wine Is Meant To Be Crunk. Hardy Wallace talks wine and food.
Drink Local Wine - Wine country is everywhere.
Drink What You Like -  Blog's primary goal is to bring order to the wine experiences of Frank Morgan and to chronicle these experiences in an organized manner.
ECoast Wines - A place for everyday people to come and learn about the amazing wines the East Coast has to offer.
Finger Lakes Wine Guy - Sharing the Finger Lakes experience using wine as the vehicle to bring you into the region. 
Grape Smart - Because wine doesn't have to be expensive to be good.
Heron Hill Winery Blog - follow the many staff members blogging about the vineyards, cellar, events, wine pairing, Seneca Lake and Bristol tasting rooms, featured wines and more.
In The Glass - Certified specialist of wine and spirits Frank Haddad'a blog.  All about wine and spirits of course.
Joe's Wine - Everyday wines to the worlds greatest, from grapes and regions around the world. Here are notes from Joe's structured and everyday tastings.
Ladies With Bottle - Offering you the wines the French would prefer to keep.
Living The Gourmet - Traditional and exotic cuisines made simple with Catherine and the crew. 
Luscious Lushes - A blog started by Thea Dwelle out of her love of all things wine and her desire to share information with other people. 
MoIappi Blog - An Englishman now living in Japan shares information on wine, beer, sake and other drinks we all enjoy.
Mome Needs Wine -  Raising two amazing kids, one glass at a time.
New York Cork Report - One of the very few places where the world can get an independent news and perspective on the wines of New York State every day. 
Peppers and More - A Foodies guide to flavor and spice
Savvy - Rich and Lingering's seasonal newsletter focusing on South Australia's premium food and wine producers.
Terroirist - A daily wine blog, covering everything wine, daily. 
The Academic Wino - Dissecting current research related to wine.
The Good Wine Guru - Offering wine reviews, tips and advice for every wine lover.
The Frugal Wine Snob - The blog about wines that tastes like a million bucks, but cost less than $20.
The Minority Wine ReportA blog with a goal of helping novices - like they once were and, really, to a great extent still are - find their way around the world of wine.
The Reverse Wine Snob - Follow as Jon thumbs his nose at bottles over $20
The Wandering Blonde Wino O - Fantastic blog all about finding a good bottle of wine under $20.  You don't have to spend an arm and a leg to get a good bottle of wine.
The Wine Cellar Insider - If you're a seasoned wine enthusiast, rabid collector or just starting your win appreciation journey, this site was created for you.
The Wine Historian - Essays, articles and discussions on wine history.
Through The Walla Walla Grape Vine -  What you will read on this wine blog are descriptions of wines and sometimes suggested food pairings, but most of all you will read about the experiences: the wineries, the wines and the winemakers.
Under The Grape Tree - Your almost daily dose of drunken neuroticisms.
Wannabe Wino Wine Blog - Chronicles Sonadora and husband Matt's wine tasting adventures as they drink their way through their ever growing collection of wine.
Weekly Wine Journal - From Arizona, reviews of all things wine.
Wine-Blog - Juicy tales by Jo Diaz, sometimes serious often hilarious and always informative.
Wine Peeps - Your link to great QPR wines from Washington State and beyond.
Wine Post: Wine And Spirits Blog- Rob Bralow's personal exploration into the world of wine.
Wine Miser - Highlighting great wines at cheapskate prices.
Wine Press Blogger - Learn about wine in a comprehensive wine for beginners follow-along.
WineSpeak USA Unpretentious 30 something Nick Webb, tasting his way through American wines and meeting some unforgettable people along the way.
Winesworld's Blog - A friendly wine guide for amateurs by amateurs about wine, food, travel and Scandinavian ways of doing things.
Write For Wine - A blog that focuses on the fine wines of Washington State, with occasional post about other Northwest wine regions (Oregon and B.C.), California and France.