If you have been searching for the perfect to give to someone special, wine is a wonderful solution. Many people enjoy receiving the gift of a fine bottle of wine and enjoying at with friends and family. Some will even open the bottle at a birthday party or special dinner celebration where the gift is given. Wine is ideal for both personal and professional gift-giving needs. It is customary to send a bottle of wine to a recipient in a handheld gift bag. However, while customary, this is not the best option. Wooden wine boxes are available online, and they can be customized as desired for additional flair. These boxes provide you with a more protective way to hand-deliver or ship your gift.


The Protective Nature of Boxes
Gift bags are most commonly used when hand-delivering a bottle of wine, such as at a dinner party or a wedding reception. These bags, however, become bottom-heavy once the wine bottle is placed in them. Some have a tendency to rip at the point where the handles connect to the bag because of the weight of the bottle. This can have a devastating, messy consequence. In addition, the bag may accidentally knock against something, may fall off of a gift table or may meet another similar type of unfortunate end. Wooden wine boxes are attractive and unique, and they are functionally superior to gift bags because of their protective nature. When you want to ensure sure your wine bottle arrives in good condition and stays that way, a wooden wine box is the perfect solution.


The Enhanced Ability to Customize Wooden Wine Boxes
An additional benefit associated with using wooden wine boxes is that they can be customized to meet your needs. You can order them in a wide range of sizes to accommodate the number of bottles you wish to give, and you can select from a wide range of fine wood types. Custom wood wine boxes can be engraved with a touching message, the recipient’s name, a business logo or something else of relevance. You can even order wedding gift boxes with the wedding date or the bride’s and groom’s names. These may become keepsake items rather than a useless gift bag that is tossed into the trash.


While your primary gift may be the bottle of wine, many people will cherish wooden wine boxes as much as the wine itself. Some may even keep their boxes on display near their wine collection because of how attractive they are. If you plan to give the gift of wine in the near future, take time to learn more about the options for custom wood wine boxes at EkanConcepts.com